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Here are the Artists from the inaugural festival in 2017…

Alisha photo
Alisha Lyons

My family and I call the lovely Kingston Peninsula home. Its unique beauty and rural feel drew us here, and we have not been disappointed. As for my love of painting, I think it is safe to say it has always been a part of me in some form. I plowed through painting "kits" as a child, and loved watching other artists at work... mostly on television. Mixing vibrant colours and boldly adding texture and shape to their canvases, it all seemed so magical to my young heart. As an adult I've picked up my brushes off and on between the births of my two children, but recently I have found a little more time to devote to learning and practicing my skills.

I have donated artwork to charity auctions in the past but this is my first art show! I have painted in many different mediums and found challenge in all of them, but I always come back to acrylic and oil based paints. Their vibrant colours and texture keep drawing me back. I eagerly look forward to continuing to grow and enhance my abilities in the years to come... and the Peninsula seems like the perfect place to do so.

AL - It's Fall Again. AL - Me and My Grampy. AL - Old Camp
AL - Field of Flowers. AL - sunflower

Alison Davidson

Alison Davidson lives and works in the uptown Saint John area, enjoying a studio and gallery space as a member of the Union Street Art Collective. She is a mainly self-taught artist in the medium of painting, using canvas and also salvage materials in her works. She has enjoyed exhibiting in Saint John in the past and currently exhibits with members from the Collective gallery.

Alison is experimental in her style, always working to evolve and express through colour, with the goal of conveying energy through her works. She can be found these days creating at 162 Union street, enjoying the uptown heartbeat which is a colourful inspiration for any artist.

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Resized_20170817_115032 - cropped-WEB. Resized_IMG_20170813_130330_522. Resized_20170523_122425 cropped-WEB

Ann Daigle photo
Ann Daigle

Ann Daigle loves to paint in watercolours because of the transparency of the medium.

She has been a member of the “Monday Morning Art Group “for the past 12 years. She is very pleased to paint with and learn from her good friends and co-exhibitors. She has taken many art classes and workshops and continues to study to expand her knowledge.

Ann was Co-founder and contributor to the “Artists In Motion” art auctions held in Grand Bay-Westfield and contributes to other charities as well, including the Cathedral Restoration Project Art Exhibit & Sale, The Fredericton Boys & Girls Club and Rothesay Netherwood’s Art Show and Sale.

Her work has been exhibited at the Saint John Library “Millennium Art Gallery” as well as the Saint John Art Centre and The Imperial Theatre.

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender image1
Water Lilies. Cardinals. Boat 2

Anne Mosher

Anne Mosher is a life–long resident of the Saint John area. Graduate of Saint John High School and the University of New Brunswick, she taught Middle School for 30 years. Now living in Grand Bay-Westfield with her husband Brian, two children and four grand-children, she paints with the Westfield group.

Watercolour is Anne's main interest. She has received instruction from several local artists and continues to exhibit and paint with a small group – “Coffee, Tea and Paint.” She and her group have recently exhibited at the Imperial Theatre, The Saint John Free Public Library and Dunham’s Run Winery at Gorham’s Bluff. Previously, she has participated in the Hospice Show in St. Andrews, the Cathedral Exhibit , the Guila Inch Memorial, and RNS Show and Sale.

20170619_102653 cropped 20170619_102856 cropped 20170619_103832 cropped

Anna Christensen photo
Anna Christensen

Inspiration comes from my childhood and growing up years in the Arctic of Norway, as well as the Atlantic region of Canada. I took a short watercolour class a few years ago which unlocked what my art teacher in grade 8 effectively put a plug in. This has made me ever so much more aware of how important it is to protect and not stifle the gifting that is inside our children and students, and to instead help them express their own unique gifting.

My pictures are quirky and whimsical, and often bring smiles to those looking at them. Customers have told me, even some with tears in their eyes, that they remind them of simpler times. Community living is often the theme in my creations.

AC - Life on the fishbowl. AC - Waiting

Carole Phillips Photo
Carole Phillips

Carole Phillips was born and raised in Saint John, and now lives in Grand Bay-Westfield. She paints in watercolour, ink and watercolour, and in oils. She has painted with Margaret Graham, Norma Ross, Phil McGillivray, Les Rolston, Taryn Giles, Majed Abies and Diane Davies to name a few.

Carole's art is displayed in homes in Western Canada, in Ontario, in Quebec and the Maritimes as well as in Florida. She has had paintings contributed at such events as Artist in Motion, Artist by the Sea (St. Andrews), and Rothesay Netherwood School Annual Spring Show and Sale. Carole also had an exhibit at the Saint John Library with Art Between Friends.

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FB_IMG_1497880312220 cropped
Cheryl Robichaud

Cheryl is a member of the Saint John Art Club, where some of her work is currently on display. She now lives in Summerville, New Brunswick and enjoys painting in her free time. Cheryl has been painting for many years along with raising a family and working as a full time lab technician. She mostly works with acrylics, focusing on detailed wildlife, pet portraits and nature scenes. She is currently taking instruction from well-known artist Herzl Kashetsky and enjoys interacting and learning with other artists in her class.  In the past few years she has experimented with oil-based paints, trying more abstract techniques as well as personal portraits. She is open to learning and trying new things, always looking for new subjects and techniques.

Cheryl enjoys painting and has recently ventured out to sharing her love of painting during private painting parties. She teaches basic techniques using acrylic paint for those interested in a fun gathering with friends to complete a nice picture to take home.

20170614_161834 20170614_161629 FB_IMG_1496708855129
20170406_105305 20170406_104758

David Thomson Photo - cropped
David Thomson

David Thomson was born in August,1940 at Kirkcaldy, Scotland. He emigrated to Canada on May 2nd, 1957.

David started his education in the arts at 12 years of age and studied art until 16. Upon arriving in Canada, he join the Navy, leaving his art behind for 5 years. He picked up painting again as a hobby while working as a plumber. During those years his painting was very sporadic, mostly painting portraits of his children. Upon David’s retirement in 2002, he finally was able to work at something he totally loved. The joy of painting never ceases to amaze him, and when painting for hours, time seems to speed by 4 hours turning into 8.

DTimage1 - cropped DTimage5 - cropped DTimage2 - cropped
DTimage3 - cropped DTimage4 - cropped

Ed Coleman photo
Ed Coleman

Ed Colema is a man who lives by colours. Bright ones. He is a visual artist residing in Saint John, New Brunswick, and his signature style using vivid colours and broad brushstrokes has become recognizable by many. Ed paints scenes of nature and water as well as cityscapes using lots of paint, mostly oil but some acrylic. He thrives on creating while outdoors, down the coast on a sailboat if possible. There is a freshness to his work, almost as if he was able to capture the breeze and sunlight he felt while painting. That elusive vitality is what draws people, so much so that he easily sells his work right on the wharf where it was painted.

EC - Blue House EC - Church.EC - Fishing Pier
EC - Fishing EC - Water and Cliffs
EC - -Fishing Village 2 EC - Fishing Village EC - Street Scene

holly face 2
Holly Myers

Holly Myers has spent most of her life living along the Saint John River Valley. A few years were spent in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia going to Acadia University. She has been ministering with her husband Guy at Browns Flat Baptist Church, NB for the past 23 years, while home educating their 4 children...two grown and two still at home. It wasn't until Christmas 2011 that her parents gave her an acrylic paint set to try. For 6 years, Holly has been discovering her passion and talent for painting, under the teaching, friendship and inspiration of local artists Diane Davis and George Chase. Grateful for a creative outlet and something beautiful to share with others, she is now stepping forward in the world of art, to learn and share more. Her style is somewhat impressionistic, she prefers natural subject matter and tends to focus on macro images...looking at things up close and personal.

FB_IMG_1491217318233 FB_IMG_1495272659644 FB_IMG_1495273014069 FB_IMG_1497430284181
HM - Cutlery HM - Horse Eye HM - Lady in Hat
HM - Red Canoe Vacation

Jessica Rydwansky

Jessica Rydwansky holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Mount Alison University in Sackville, NB. Jessica participated in the “Uncommon on the Commons” art project in Rothesay, NB in 2014, and in 2015 and 2017 was involved with "Bloomin' Artists" in Hampton, NB. Jessica has also apprenticed with Sculpture Saint John.

jessart1. JR - IMG_7390 - cropped jessart7 - cropped
jessart2 jessart5
JR - IMG_7394. JR - IMG_7397.JR - IMG_7395

Judith Photo
Judith Baxter

Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Judith Baxter studied art at Vocational School with Ted Campbell and Fred Ross. However, it has been far too long since school-days to blame or credit my teachers with my artistic results. “Basically self taught and by intuition I’ve even had to ask how best to clean my brushes!”

Judith is recognized both provincially and nationally as a museum and built heritage advocate and local sage on community heritage issues. As an artist/writer she is recognized for four books; ‘The Magic Seagull’ with Roberta Lee (illustration), ‘845 A Pencil Sketch Tour of the Kingston Peninsula’ (which captures the elegance and winsomeness of old barns and houses in rural NB), ‘Life & Times of Eliza Cox Carter’ with Beth Quigley and editing ‘Clifton Royal: The Wetmores and Village Life in Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick’.

Judith’s work has been collected and exhibited both privately and publicly.

Over the last few years Judith has been inspired to turn her attention to painting natural landscapes with a focus on water, rocks and sky. Working in oil, the new work is rich in detail, movement, and is imbued with a deep sense of place.

Waves Dog - cropped Waves and RockGullWithAttitude-8x10-LOW-RESJudiBaxter-May-16-2017-07-12x16

me web
Karen Butler O'Brien

I am a watercolour artist who grew up in a rural community in southern New Brunswick. My childhood home being an area rich in inspiration has resulted in many of my subjects reflecting the beauty found in nature.

Drawing has been a passion of mine from a very young age and when growing up I had the wonderful opportunity to attend many workshops facilitated by my late uncle and prominent local artist, Ray Butler. This is where I developed a special interest in watercolour. I continue to learn new things about the medium and am influenced by many of my favourite artists: Ray Butler, Carl Purcell, David Taylor, Jim Kosvanec and Joseph Zbukvic.

My palette is limited to a variety of transparent watercolours, allowing me to represent a scene with as much luminosity as possible. It is always an experimental process. I like to keep my paintings fresh-looking with minimal details. I plan a scene keeping in mind shapes, values and colour. It is important to me that the viewer sees my interpretation of the scene.  Although it is not an easy medium to master, I do like the unpredictability of watercolour and the pleasant surprises it creates.

I enjoy plein air painting because it challenges me to think about what pieces of information to leave out in order to simplify the subject and develop my own unique style. Most of my work however, happens in my home studio and sharing what I have learned from others is most rewarding.

Throughout the years, I have held my own workshops and have taught many private lessons. Painting with fellow artists has proven to be most rewarding. Private collections of my paintings are in homes across Canada and the United States.

Recent Art Shows:
Rothesay Netherwood Annual Art Show & Sale – May 2003 through 2017
Solo show, Art OnThe Beach – August 2012
The Men’s Club of Saint David’s United Church Annual Art Show & Sale – October 2000 through 2011
Solo show, Shadow Lawn, Rothesay, NB - 2007
Taylor College Annual Art Show & Sale – November 2003 & 2004 and April 2005

farm machinery baskets rooster2jpeg

ferry boat Grazing. stone church
Bayswater lighthouse. community mail . blue boats

Kelley Joyce-Floyd Photo - cropped
Kelley Joyce-Floyd

I'm a native Saint Johner who migrated to the Kennebecasis Valley while still in elementary school. Childhood summers were spent at the family's camp in Chapel Grove, catching snakes and frogs, fishing and swimming at the wharf, and playing bingo at St. Bridget's hall.

I have loved creating for as long as I can remember. Drawing was my first love, but I was willing to try any medium to come my way. As much I loved art, I also loved science, and in high school I made the difficult decision to choose academics over art. After graduation, my creative side took a back seat.

Finally, after years in that back seat, art is now riding shotgun and I couldn't be happier! Three years ago this summer, I released my creative spark and I haven't looked back since.

Nature is my greatest inspiration; I'm particularly drawn to the amazing Bay of Fundy and its wildlife. The biologist in me seeks to express her wonder in the beauty of nature with an artistic (and whimsical) eye.

KJFimage1 KJFimage2 KJFimage7
KJFimage4 KJFimage3 KJF - Seahorse 2
KJF  - Lobster. KJF - Dragonfly. KJF - Whale

Liane Photo
Liane Thibodeau

Liane Thibodeau has been living in Summerville since 2001. The beauty of Sea Dog Cove on the Kingston Peninsula, where she lives, is a constant source of inspiration for her, and is her favourite place to photograph. She loves taking her camera with her for early morning and evening paddles in her kayak when the water is still ... a time for reflecting ... on the natural beauty of our world, and the serenity and peace it brings.

She especially loves her encounters with wildlife while on these paddles – attempting to capture the spirits of the eagles, sea dogs, cormorants, loons, and ducks who make regular appearances. She never knows what she will see when she sets out, which is what makes the cove magical for her.

She recently began taking floral arrangements created with flowers from her garden out with her on her morning paddles, placing them in various rocky outcroppings she finds along the cove. She enjoys the challenge of finding interesting locations and balancing the flower vases on the rocks, without tipping the vase of flowers or the kayak, or dropping her camera in the water. She finds the contrast between the stark rock, the vivid green seaweed and the colourful flowers appeals to her love of colour.

LT - Cindy8x10 (1 of 1). LT - CindyCove8x12 (1 of 1)
LT - CindyLoon8x12 (1 of 1). .LT - CindyDuck8x12 (1 of 1). LT - CindyCrocus9x12 (1 of 1)

Lori MacGillivray Photo - cropped
Lori MacGillivray

Creating art has been of interest for Lori for most of her life. She has used many different mediums, but in recent years has found her favourite to be watercolour. She enjoys the softness achieved through watercolour and loves the challenge of realism painting.

Lori has lived in this area most of her life and finds inspiration in our beautiful rural New Brunswick. She has attended classes given by Ray Butler and attended workshops given by Ron Hazel of Halifax. She has also attended several workshops given by local artist Phil MacGillivray. She is a member of the “Thursday Painters” under the instruction of Taryn Giles.

FullSizeRender2 FullSizeRender4 FullSizeRender6
LM - Chair on Deck LM - Fishing Boats. LM - General Store
FullSizeRender10. LM - Crows in Fog. FullSizeRender7

Michael Butler Photo
Michael Butler

Michael Butler is a Saint John north-ender who moved to the Kingston Peninsula over 40 years ago because of its beauty and tranquility.

Artist Statement:
I’ve always been interested in art since childhood, and in leaving St. Malachy’s High I studied with the Famous Artist Schools of Westport, Connecticut, while doing a trade in Lithographic Pre-press. I was graphics manager at a sign company Creative Productions before starting Butler Design & Graphic Services Ltd. At BD&GSL I produced many local iconic business images such as the Moosehead Country Store, Kredl’s Corner Market, Flick’s Video, Slocum & Ferris doing their logo, signage, brochures etc….. Attention to detail was my specialty, particularly in producing display systems for companies like NB Power, Kings Landing, Atlantic Salmon Federation and many more.

I carried this tightness I’d developed in the exacting pre-press printing industry working in film production before computers came along. For example, doing master negatives for the Captain Morgan Rum labels in Cameo Crafts of Montreal and Kelloggs box type in Cooper & Beatty Ltd of Toronto. This exacting detailing came into my paintings and while attending Gardner Web University in North Carolina my professor challenged me to loosen up. I was honoured when my paintings were used to help bring the art curriculum at the university from a minor to a major.

I’ve done many group and private showings of my work in Saint John over the past 40 years. I've done group shows in Boiling Spring and Shelby, NC. As well, I’ve had paintings in the Rothesay Netherwood Annual Art sales and the Annual Art Sales of the Men’s Club at St. David’s United Church in Rothesay going back a few years.

I taught life drawing at the Atlantic School of the Arts, which introduced me to the enjoyment of helping others get excited about their own art work. I now teach at St. James The Less Anglican Church in Renforth during the winter, and my home in Kingston during the summer and fall.

On Saturdays you might see me at the Kingston Farmers Market (of which I’m a founding member), as well as the St. Andrews Farmers Market on Thursdays. I love selling my photographic images in a variety of formats, and my new product of sand cast candles which sold very well 35 years ago in the Fredericton Boyce market. I always try to have a painting at the Dunham’s Run Winery.

I will have water colour, pastel & oil paintings as well as a few photographic images at the Summerville Art Festival and am looking forward with excitement to this new adventure

100_2923. MB 107_5660. MB 100_4529
100_0164. MB - Flowers and Rainbow. MB - Old Doorway
MB 100_3899. MB - Fort

Photo Monica small
Monica Ewart

Monica Ewart was born and raised in West Saint John, New Brunswick. After graduation from Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, she eventually completed her Bachelor of Education and Master of Education degrees. She was employed as a resource teacher, and also worked for the Saint John School Board office as a liaison teacher carrying out individualized academic assessments.

Throughout early adulthood, art was an informal part of Monica’s life, but after moving to Quispamsis, she attended Ray Butler’s summer workshops as her interest in art continued to grow. David Reeves and Taryn Giles have, as well, provided her with art instruction. Now retired, Monica paints with the Thursday Painters’ Group in Millidgeville, and at Wildflower Studio in her home in beautiful Meenan’s Cove where she lives with her husband Gary, and German shepherd Lacey.
Artist Statement:
Painting, for me, involves representing the joy found in the everyday experiences of life, such as observing a weathered fishing boat, fruit sitting on a kitchen windowsill, or driving past colourful ice fishing shacks. Something “ordinary” becomes magical when expressed through the medium of paint. In my painting process, I document my subjects – boats, flowers, still life, local landscapes, pets, and ice fishing – in photographs. Images are then sketched onto canvases and several layers of paint, usually oil, are applied, frequently using thick texture to mold brightly coloured shapes. I then extend my paintings onto the sides of the canvases. My hope is that my paintings will remind my viewers there is essential goodness in a world that is oftentimes troubled.

IMG_5729 IMG_6518 .IMG_6531
ME - Boat at Pier .ME - Buoys .ME - Sailboats
ME - Fishing Shacks. ME - Pink Flowers - cropped. ME - Boat

FullSizeRender cropped
Phil MacGillivray

Phil MacGillivray has been painting since his retirement in 1987, specializing in watercolours. He was a long-time student of Robert Percival and has attended art classes and workshops given by Ray Butler and Herzi Kashetsy in Saint John.

He has studied with some famous American artists such as Tom Nicholas, Tony Van Hasselt, Frank Webb, Christopher Shink and Skip Lawrence.

Phil is a member of the Saint John Art Club, and is a former member of Lehigh Acres Art League, and the Fort Myers Beach Art Association.

IMG_1784 cropped IMG_1783_sRGB cropped IMG_1773_sRGB cropped
IMG_1771_sRGB cropped

Ruth Sullivan Photo cropped
Ruth Sullivan

Ruth Sullivan started painting 12 years ago under Sue-Lynn Cotton and is a member of the Grand Bay Art Club. She has constantly studied to better herself with workshops here and abroad.

Ruth's subjects are flowers, the greater outdoors and things that catch her eye. She has contributed to charity auctions and has appeared in several small shows.

IMG_4633 cropped IMG_4626 cropped IMG_4627 cropped
IMG_4625 cropped. RS - Child with Umbrella cropped. RS - Old Truck cropped RS - Boat cropped

Sheile photo small
Sheila Howell

Sheila is a professional artist and has been painting full time since 2012, when she decided to leave her home studio for a more professional space. Her current studio at 146 Germain Street is open by appointment or chance. There you will find several works on display and it is also where she gives private lessons and hosts “Painting Parties” for grown ups.

Sheila is a former member of Saint Paul's Community Art Club, the Fundy Gallery of Art and The Jailhouse Gallery. She has also participated in the Kings County Studio Tour. Her work has been shown in several Saint John and area art shows. Over the years, Sheila's paintings have been exhibited at LaBoheme Gallery, The New Artisan Studio, Dunham's Run Winery, The Foxes Den, and at Retro and Rust.

In January and February, 2012, she had a solo show at Millennium Gallery. In June/ July, 2015, Sheila was part of a two person show at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, Fredericton. In February and March, 2017, she had a solo show at the Imperial Theatre, Saint John.

Artist Statement:
I love to paint. Painting is a very important part of who I am and I find I express myself best through my abstract and surrealist works. I love how almost every viewer will take something different from a nonrepresentational work. These are works which come from almost a subconscious level and are usually painted in an intuitive style as I rarely have a preconceived idea of what the end result will be.

I also love to paint what I have observed. Even with my more realistic works, I am never really sure what the end result will be as I often move, add, subtract or add to a scene and I will sometimes totally create my own little world to escape into.

I have an unquenchable thirst to better my art and this leads me to push myself in new directions and explore new medium or to create new ways to use medium I am already familiar with.

The Song They Shared 512h-WEB Caissie Cape Better 512h-WEB One of Mine 512h-WEB IMG_7938 512h-WEB
IMG_7952-WEB.White's Bluff Beach-WEB.Nail Factory Stream-WEB IMG_8072-WEB
To Watch Over Me.SH Fence-WEB

Sherry Finley Photo - cropped
Sherry Finley

Sherry Finley hails from Westfield, NB. She fell in love with watercolours 5 years ago, and has painted with them ever since. She is part of a group of talented artists who call themselves "The Monday Morning Art Group, " and regularly paints with a smaller group who call themselves "Coffee, Tea and Paint." She enjoys painting figures, and flowers, and has a particular fondness for painting children.
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Susan Wall Photo
Susan Wall

Susan has been a life-long resident of Saint John who now lives in scenic Red Head. Painting has been a large part of her life for the past 8 years. Although she has only been painting physically for 8 years, she has had painting in her heart since childhood.

Having taken lessons from her mentor, Alma Campbell, and other local workshops, acrylic has and is her main medium, but she has dabbled in watercolours and now oils. Recently, she has been taking oil lessons from Cliff Turner and enjoying them with a look to the future with more oils in it. Landscapes, structures, and animals are her main subjects, but there is nothing that is not worth painting. There is a constant thirst for creativity and learning.

She has participated in several local shows in the past, including the Cathedral Art Show and Sale, RNS Art Show and Sale, The Saint John Library, and at the Shediac Artists' Village, to name a few. Her work is currently hanging at the Fundy Gallery of Art where she is a co-operative member.

The Old Shed in Red Head. Summervill church 003. Rez Falls final. SW - Purple Flowers
For Telegraph Journal. Rocky Shore. Mountain Laurel (the painting) - Copy (2)
Morning misty copy_edited-1. In the Purple light. Mom's Violets cropped

Taryn Giles

Taryn Giles is a New Brunswick based artist whose work is inspired by the natural world. Giles studied at Mount Allison University, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art with distinction. She works in several different media including acrylic, watercolour, textiles, woodblock and more. A mix of abstraction and realism is a common thread throughout her work with a strong focus on colour relationships and mark making.

image12 image14 image18 image15
image11. image17