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Where is our poster being spotted? Have a great shot from the Festival? Send your name and photo to and we'll display it here, with credit to you:

Linda Spinney Poster Photo
Photo courtesy of Linda Spinney


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PS - Ilemonade 2
Summerville's best lemonade

PS - Iposter with Ernie 1
Ernie approves of this year's Festival

PS - Ethan Ash at Dunhams Run
Ethan Ash after his stellar performance
at Dunham's Run Winery

'Black Rock' in Summerville

Cpl. Gerald Bigger of the RCMP,
going over Festival logistics

PS - Fog City Cruisers - WEB
Fog City Cruisers, cruising near Summerville on 29-July

PS - Display at the Kingston Market - WEB
Display at the Kingston Farmers Market 15-Jul-2017

PS - With Inukshuk - WEB
The view from one of the pop-up locations

PS - By boat - WEB
Getting ready to hit the river

PS - Floating - WEB
Floating in the Kennebecasis

PS - Standing in river - WEB
Making sure the sailors know about the Festival

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PS - Iposter at rail

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PS - Airport poster blurred
Saint John Airport welcomes visitors to the Festival

PS - Iposter with candy

PS - Mike Boyle
Our friend Mike cleaning up the neighbourhood -
says unkempt shoulders make his blood 'Boyle'

Starbucks in Fredericton

Andrew and Randy
Wilson Clarke Performing the SAF Theme Song

Andrew and Randy 2
Wilson Clarke just can't get enough of the SAF Theme Song

PS - On Randy's Boat - WEB
Spreading awareness on the Kennebecasis

PS - Facing Nan's Cove - WEB
Surely someone will see this

PS - In church doorway - WEB
At the historic 150+-year-old
Summerville United Church

PS - On pathway - WEB
…catching anyone out for a walk on the trail

PS - Waving on beach - WEB
…didn't want to forget about beachgoers