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About the Festival

The Summerville Art Festival is a curated, professionally-produced art festival that aims to highlight the beauty of our region and the quality of the art it inspires. The festival will bring together artists, old and new, in the picturesque community of Summerville, New Brunswick. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the communities and artists who’ve brought our rich history to life.

The people of Summerville, a community of just a few hundred, will invite Canadians from across the country to share in the festival. Summerville residents will open their homes to welcome artists who’ll display their works in pop-up galleries along a one-mile stretch of New Brunswick’s scenic route 845. Visitors will arrive on foot, on bike, by boat, or by car, as we celebrate the beauty of New Brunswick, the warmth of its people, and the art and artists of the Kingston Peninsula and surrounding area.

Starting at the historic and picturesque 150-year-old Summerville United Church, guests will be able to stroll along a one-mile stretch of Route 845 overlooking the beautiful Kennebecasis River, enjoying a number of pop-up art galleries. Parking will be available at the church.

Some artists will be set up to accept credit card payments, but many will only be able to take cash and/or cheques. Cash is best, and there is a cash machine at the Whitehead Country Store, about 4k away.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but children under 12 must be accompanied by parents/adults. Since many of the pop-up galleries will be on the beach (if weather permits), we regret that not all venues will be completely accessible, but we will do our best to accommodate guests with accessibility issues.

Summerville has been home to many well-known NB artists, and during the festival the church will host an exhibit of the following:
  • The Deichmann potters, world-famous for their pottery
  • Rosamond and Ted Campbell, not only great artists but also major influencers in the Saint John art scene in the 1920s and 30s
  • Marjorie Miller
  • Karen Butler O’Brien
There is no cost to attend the festival, but the church is asking for a donation for parking and for viewing its exhibit. Beverages and snacks will be available for purchase at the Summerville United Church and along the 1-mile route of the Art Festival.

About the Organizer

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Cindy Scott

You could say that Cindy Scott began collecting art as a youngster growing up in the village of Summerville on New Brunswick’s Kingston Peninsula. Cindy loved to play on her grandmother’s beach where she would hunt for glazed, odd-shaped pottery shards among the beach rocks. The great Canadian art potters Kjeld and Erica Deichmann lived next door to Cindy’s grandmother and ran their Dykelands pottery studio there. The broken bits from the Deichmann’s seconds and misfires would wash up on the beach and become prized objects for a kid with a sharp eye.

Sometimes Cindy would get to tag along while her mother went down the road to visit her friend Rosamund Campbell. Rosamund and her husband Ted were major figures in the Saint John art community that also included Miller Brittain, Jack Humphrey, Fred Ross and Pegi Nicol MacLeod. But the big attraction at the Campbells for Cindy was a pair of life-size rocking horses (a horse and a camel to be precise) that Cindy would be allowed to ride on.

These early introductions gave Cindy a life-long appreciation of the art and artists of New Brunswick. She has actively collected and proudly displayed their work for many years. With a background in communications and a successful career in the Ottawa technology industry, Cindy now operates an event management business. Cindy has combined her talent for promotion and her passion for art by organizing a number of art shows in New Brunswick and Ontario. You can find information on one of her typical shows

The Summerville Art Festival is Cindy’s latest initiative. The festival features the work of over 20 New Brunswick artists in pop-up galleries in homes and gardens - and on the beaches – of Summerville. Cindy, her family, friends and neighbours hope you will come out to Summerville so you too can discover art treasures on the beautiful Kingston Peninsula.