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Join us and volunteer at the Summerville Art Festival!

Take an active role in creating a memorable day for our guests, the artists, and Summerville itself by volunteering your time. There are various ways to help:
  • Information Centre Attendant: As an Information Centre Attendant, you will greet festival guests, provide them with the festival guide and any other information they may require.
  • Artist Assistant: As an Artist Assistant, you will be assigned to a festival artist and asked to assist with exhibit setup and removal.
  • Parking Attendant: As a Parking Attendant, you will help direct traffic and maintain orderly use of the church parking lot, where Summerville United Church will provide parking to festival visitors.
  • Signage Distribution: As a Signage Distributor, you will be responsible for setting up and removing directional signs from each of the ferries and along the festival route to ensure that visitors can easily navigate their way to the event.
  • Traffic Control: As a Traffic Controller, you will help set up pylons along the route from the church to the festival and assist with maintaining safe traffic flow.
  • Clean Up Crew: We expect to welcome hundreds of visitors to Summerville, but we also want to ensure that the impact of their visit is invisible the next day. As a member of the Clean Up Crew, your help is required to restore the community to its pre-festival appearance.
Help us promote the festival by spreading the word to your family and friends who may be visiting the area. You can also use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share our plans. Additionally, we need volunteers to help with pre-event postering and distributing postcards.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and helping with the Summerville Art Festival, please contact Cindy Scott at 506-799-1416 or email

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