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Join Your Neighbours and Volunteer at the Summerville Art Festival
The community of Summerville will open its doors to celebrate the beauty and the art of our region. We welcome volunteers from Summerville and beyond to help us make this festival a success.

Turn your home, beach or garden into a pop-up gallery for the festival!
Our artists will exhibit their work in pop-up galleries outdoors (weather permitting) or in homes along Route 845 in Summerville. They are responsible for bringing and setting up the easels and other infrastructure to exhibit their work (approximately 15 pieces per artist). They will also be in attendance throughout the day and will dismantle and remove the art when the festival ends. All you need to do is provide the space and a warm welcome to the art lovers who will visit. There will be from 2-4 artists per venue depending upon available space.

If you live near the Summerville United Church and would be interested in hosting artists to exhibit their work in your home, please email

Help promote the festival
You can spread the word about the Summerville Art Festival to family and friends who may be visiting the area. You can also share our plans through social media (Twitter hash tag, Facebook page, Instagram). We also need volunteers to help with pre-event postering and postcard distribution.

Help us create a wonderful day
Take an active part in the Summerville Art Festival by volunteering to help make the day memorable for our guests, the artists and for Summerville itself. There are a number of ways you can help by volunteering your time:

  • Information Centre Officer. Your job will be to greet guests, provide them with the festival guide and any other information they may require.
  • Artist Assistant. You will be assigned to a festival artist and venue and will be asked to assist with set up and removal of the exhibit.
  • Parking Supervisor. Summerville United Church will provide parking to those who visit the festival by car. Your job will be to collect the fees for this service and to maintain orderly use of the church parking lot.
  • Sign manager. Signs will mark the pop-up gallery venues along Route 845. Your job will be to set up and remove these signs.
  • Clean up crew. We expect to welcome hundreds of visitors to Summerville on August 26, but we also want to ensure that the impact of their visit is invisible on August 27. This will require a team of volunteers to restore the community to its pre-festival appearance.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and helping with the first annual Summerville Art Festival, please contact Cindy Scott at 506-799-1416 or email: